Thursday, June 26, 2008

Posting Update

Yeah... First week of post updates and I'm already late on two posts. My apologies Internet Land!

I've been busy with planning trips down to San Diego to help my friend apartment hunt and a trip to Universal Studios and then a trip to Comic Con in San Diego.

Seriously, I should just squat somewhere in southern California until August. Anyways, Page and Screen is almost done. I was distracted my by newly purchased Lucifer Vol. 2: Children and Monsters, which I immediately began to read. Mike Carey is my God now, damn him.

To make up for my lateness, I've decided to post the titles of my next reviews for Page and Screen and announce that making Media Blast a regular update was a dumb idea. It would be easier for me to just post that whenever since TV, movies and such are time sensitive in relevance, not to mention I came up with a (most likely) better idea.

Nerding Frugally: Weekly hints on how to cheapen your life so you can spend more money on the things you fan-boy over. Every week will have a different focus like going to the movies, car related expenses, et cetera. This will be also posted at my red-headed step-blog at ProgessiveU.Org.

It's woefully blank, I know, but soon(er or later) it will have some thought provoking, scholarship award winnings stuffs. That's right. Stuff with an "s."

So here's more promises for me to break: After 4th of July, I'll have a regular update schedule and have entries ready to be posted. I get a break after the two trips in a row when I get back home next Wednesday so I'm going to try to write up things for the next week so I can have a back up when I inevitably fall behind.

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Post Script: I'll soon create a AIM for just this blog and will log in whenever I am online. Feel free to chat!

Post-Post Script: By the way, I'm so absolutely THRILLED someone commented here. It means that it's being read by someone other than myself! Thank you anonymous person!
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Anonymous said...

I'm flattered.

I'm glad you liked the previous comment I wrote.

BTW I just got the Darkwing duck reference.