Sunday, June 22, 2008

Learning New Tricks

So, in a desperate attempt to sustain my delusions of grandeur, I decided to follow a suggestion the good people at Blogger gave on the homepage in order to help gain readers and make it so that they don't miss an update, which lead me to FeedBurner. It being rather late at night, I skimmed a little.

And by skimming a little, I mean I didn't read roughly 60% of it, but continued on my merry way anyways.

I've been using RSS feeds sparsely since I like to go to the site directly from my bookmarks. Obsessively check websites every day tends to happen when you're an Internet addict. And IAA, Internet Addicts Anonymous, would never work for me if only because no one would check the forums enough or be in time for the IRC chat. I really do like the live bookmarks function on Firefox (insert angelic choir), but I hardly look at my Bookmarks Toolbar for it to be extremely useful.

I know Blogger has an RSS feed, but I don't know how anyone can subscribe to my page from it. Hopefully, the powers that be know more and have that set up in ways that my mere mortal mind cannot comprehend.

Starting tomorrow (tentatively), I am going to start a schedule of regular updates three times a week, each update a different subject matter with random sporadic updates in between on ideas that may have come to mind that don't fit into the (also tentative) schedule.

Sunday: Objects of My Not So Silent Desperations
Wednesday: Page and Screen - Comics online and off
Friday: Media Blast - Books, Movies, Games and Philosophy

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