Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Lies! and Lists!

I just realized yesterday that I didn't post titles for my next reviews as I promised in my last entry. I'm sorry, Internet Land! XP

So here's some more lies for me to spread, damaging my non-existent good name to my fan base of probably myself. Here. Alone. On the internet.

Things I'll Hopefully Actually Review!

Prepped Reviews After 4th of July!
Do Androids Dream of Immortal Sheep? -Neil Gaiman's Eternals and Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life

Seeking - Planetes and Rice Boy

Voices from a Distant Star: The Manga
Broken Glass
Max Wagner's Trinity
The Nail
Kurt Busiek 's Astro City: Confession
Astro City: Life in the Big City

... And much more!

By the way, I've set up a AIM account as cheapsonofagun in case anyone wants to chat me up!

Or just, you know, talk for a bit. :D

Comment, insult or criticized! Any and all thoughts are welcome as well as cookies and ice cream.

Again, thank you anonymous person for commenting. In case anyone is curious, here's some of my favorite childhood memories for the internet to mock.

Darkwing Duck
Duck Tales (series and the movie)
Tale Spin
Samurai Jack (BACK ON THE AIR! Cartoon Network! 10:30! Saturdays on... Toonami)
Fraggle Rock
Pirates of Dark Water
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Thunder Cats
Silver Hawks
Peter Porker: The AMAZING Spider-Pig
Stargate: SG-1
My Neighbor Totoro
Wacky Races
Tex Avery Cartoons
Chuck Jones Cartoons
The Princess Bride (book)
The Superfriends

From Russia With Love,
Frugal Fan

1 comment:

anonymous person said...

Anonymous person...I like it, has a ring to it..

Have you heard of a show called Avatar the last Airbender? It sounds like a show that you might enjoy, especially if you like Pirates of Dark Water and Samurai Jack.

Oh and WALL-E was AWESOME!!!!

Watch it if you get a chance.