Saturday, August 23, 2008

Updates on Dear Frugal

Between obsessing over Doctor Who downloads, getting sick because I outright refuse to acknowledge at times I'm lactose intolerant, and having my legs start to hurt for no reason so I have to lay down (my computer can't reach the bed without unplugging the Ethernet cord), entries have been difficult to type up.

Do not fear! I have several movie reviews to put up. Here's an explanation for how it works.

For new movie reviews, I will use my "Expectation-What it is-Thoughts-Grade" format since that works for most movies that just come and go in theaters. For older, more timeless movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Citizen Cane, etc., I will write reviews like I did for Batman: Dark Knight. The fact that I do not give it a grade means that I think it cannot be qualified by the usual standards of movies and I do not have the arrogance to appropriately grade it.

Example: I would give the Iron Man movie an "A" because it can be watched by everyone, fan of the source material and ignorant heathen alike. It's recommended that you like action films or at least tolerate violence in order to enjoy the movie, but it's a really good movie all round in every category. The special effects are well done and the science does not make you cringe if you pay that close attention (I do). My biggest fear for the movie was the romantic subplot since it seems that only a chosen few movies seem to realize it's a SUBplot, not the main plot, and you know what? Marvel Studios remembered how to handle a subplot by keeping it subdued and made the relationship realistic and healthy. The movie really exceeded all my expectations and even hopes! It was a fantastic time that was made down right euphoric with the clip at the end with Samuel Jackson (Is it me or is he doing a LOT more comic book movie work?).

However, if I were to give Batman: Dark Knight a grade, I would have to default to "A" or "A+" which I am not comfortable doing since it puts it at the same grade as Iron Man. Now, Iron Man is by no means a bad thing to be compared to as I just explained. It is that I really do think that while Iron Man is most likely the best "Comic Book-Based Movie," Batman: Dark Knight is a better movie. The words "instant classic" come to mind when I think of Dark Knight. (Whether Superman Returns is as good a movie as Dark Knight, I can't say. I'll have to re-watch since it's been too long for me to say one way or another.)

Therefore, the lack of a grade means that it exceeds an "A" and everyone should watch it at one time or another. I will most likely not give a grade to deeper/thinking films like In Bruges, since usually, those films are extremely difficult to fully describe without explaning at length what is about. I never liked spoilers so I will not post them without warning. Severe spoilers (things that I can't keep to myself), I will make the same color as the background so if you really want to see it, it is completely your choice.

SEMI-SPOILER WARNING (Sort of) like if you didn't know this, you're more socially reclusive than I am - and that's saying something.

On a random note, I am continually surprised on how Harvey Dent turning into Two-Face was a plot twist for people. I mean really. Tommy Lee Johns played Two-Face in one of the Batman movies with Jim Carey as the Riddler, though the origin stories in that movie were really subdued. But, anyone that watched the Animated Series would know and it would only be a question of how they handle the origin. One the one hand, it could mean that people are going to Batman: Dark Knight because they want to, not becuase it is a comic book movie, which means they're doing something right. Batman has to be one of the best superheroes in comics today. It is reassuring to know that these new movies are playing off the philisophical side of the Batman lore.

Deadpool remains my favorite though.

TTFN, Ta ta for now.

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