Thursday, August 7, 2008

Avatar Rants and Rambles

Unfortunately, I was not able to actually attend Comic Con this year unlike my friend, Holic, who supplied the Avatar panel report last post. Now, when it comes to Avatar, Nick confuses me.

First of all, it should be noted that it is literally the most profitable animated series ever. Between the trading cards, the ani-manga (the medium which I am convince was invented by either the Devil to torture me or by God to test me) and other miscellaneous merchandise I have yet to see anywhere. Am I the only one that is not seeing all this merch that apparently is selling so well?

What I've heard from the rumor mill is that Nickelodeon is planning to air something Avatar related in the future, but will not continue the Aang storyline, but something else. IF this rumor has any merit, this is my dearest wish: it takes place either before the first Avatar or follows the first Avatar because it would be so cool. Remember the thing the completely awesome Lion-Turtle said?

"Before the time of the Avatar, we did not bend the elements, but the energies within ourselves."
Do you hear that? I believe that is the sound of unadulterated sweetness.

Back to the panel, I agree with Holic on the annoyance of the official word that Aang really is the last airbender. Um, so the reincarnations of the Avatar are kind of numbered, the balance of the world is forever off kilter and it makes the ending rather bittersweet if not unsatisfying.

Okay so now the Fire Nation is on its way to rehabilitation, and the war is over, but in the long run, the world is screwed. In roughly 160 to 200 years, there will be no more Avatar therefore, no one left to bridge the mortal world with the Spirit world and to help keep the now non-existent balance in order. What does it mean? Will this be an end to bending? If so, the Fire Nation will rise again as an industrial powerhouse and take over the world to ensure a progressive, mechanically powered future. In other words, the Fire Nation could be in the exact same position that it would have been if it won the war.

Now I realize this is a stretch, but it's because of the lack of information that I wonder the possibilities. All I want (if I am denied another series/season) is a 15 minute epilogue. I don't care about seeing Zuko and his mother on the screen together. I just want to know what she was doing all this time! Not to mention I didn't get nearly enough White Lotus action. There is now a total of, what? Four, maybe five episodes that mention the White Lotus. I'm also not okay with leaving Toph hanging with no real resolution. What is she going to do now? Will her family accept her? Where will she live? The Bae Sing Sae happy, happy "we're all bestest-best friends!" scene was more confusing than humorous or cute when I think about it. I really want to see how the royal historians put down that scene. "In his early years of reign, Fire Lord Zuko often spent his free time in Bae Sing Sae, serving tea in the Dragon of the West General Iroh's tea shop, the Jasime Dragon."

It's kind of like the President working in his parent's soda pop shop. It's just kind of awkward. Cute, but awkward.

One of the things I really loved about Avatar is that beyond all the jokes and slapstick, at its core, it was a smart, well down, well written story with a lot of talent and hard work put into it. It was a show of quality and detail. The finale felt a little, dare I say it, rushed and maybe a smidgen sloppy. Granted, who am I to say such things? I'm just a humanoid with internet access and a working knowledge of the English language. But, as a fan, I was initially satisfied with the ending, hook line and pathos-driven presentation, but I'm starting to have a very bitter aftertaste.


anonymous person said...

I had similar thoughts post-finale.

Not so much on Toph (she's more then capable of taking care of herself and I really don't see her parents refusing to welcome her back home) or even about Aang being the last airbender (if Aang gets busy with Katara, we may see a few air benders among his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.)

For me, the biggest sore thumb was Ursa. Clearly they haven't heard of Chekhov's Gun. They should deleted the Ozai's prison scene all together if they weren't going to resolve that mystery.

Though I must admit that, in hindsight, the Teashop scene didn't make a whole lot of sense either. I figured time had passed, but it was too...much from left field. And I would have liked some sort of resolution to Toph's crush on Sokka.

Frugal Fan said...

My issue with the Toph situation is that we don't know.

We can't even really guess and the idea that she's going to spend the rest of her life as "The Blind Bandit" fighting for money seems rather anti-climatic for the greatest Earthbender in the world, maybe even of all TIME.

In addition to this, the creator's comment that "Aang is really the last Airbender" implies that there might be a chance that there will not be any more Airbenders, putting my equation to take a dirt nap.

Personally, the reason why I even thought about the teashop scene more is because I was so very confused when I first spotted Zuko in the scene because:

1) He usually doesn't have any fluffy-mcfluff-fluff happy scenes like that.
2) Shouldn't he be, oh I don't know, running his country? Uprooting corruption and evil rather than basically lounging hundreds of miles away from the capitol?

anonymous person said...

I figured enough time had passed such that Zuko would be able to make that kind of visit without the kingdom falling apart (I do seem him delegating to those he deems worthy, especially the day to day stuff). And given what happened to him in the finale (back with Mai, ends war, puts dad in jail, made amends to Iroh, hanging out with old friends), he has good reason to be happy.

I was underneath the impression that Aang was the last airbender right now, meaning that if he gets busy, there could be others in future generations.

Though I must admit that the creators seem a bit...aloof? As if they really don't care what the fandom thinks. And while I don't think a writer/creator should bow to every whim of the fandom (Coughzutaracough), that doesn't mean they should produce something that is either sub par (extra 15, hell just 5, minutes is all they would have needed) or is just a big "#### you" to the fans.