Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chat Room

I'm not too familiar with Blogger so I don't know all it's tricks and limitations, but I do know how to set up a link. Right now I'm looking into a couple of free chat room makers so that no one is limited by what IM software they use since I know AIM does make chat rooms. I'm completely open to suggestions if anyone has some good ideas since I am wandering into new territory.

Because I want it to be relatively private, yet easily accessible, I have been looking at some Java based chat rooms as well as the ever stylish and posh ParaChat with their week long demo. I am going to be spending time out of town with family so I may or may not be available online this week therefore, unless I've found something I really like, next week I'll start the demo and be online as much as possible.

I am also going to investigate the different ways I can manipulate my blog so (cross fingers) I can just have it up and no one has to leave the blog in order to get in. Please, please, please relieve me of my ignorance if you can on anything you like.


anonymous person said...

I don't mind just chatting here and using the comments area as a forum.

If there's any problems with flamers, you can easily remove the comments/ban them from your profile.

Frugal Fan said...

True, but I would like a speedier conversation as an option as well. It's all about making new choices available for a dialogue.